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Creating a Haus of Scarlett account has many benefits:
  • Enjoy a faster checkout process
  • Ability to save multiple shipping addresses
  • Tracking your new orders
  • Access previous order history
  • Save items to your personal wish list

Click here to create an account or to sign in to an existing account.



1. How does Haus of Scarlett online work, and how do I purchase?
Haus of Scarlett is an online shop that has the latest trend in fashion, bags, shoes and accessories. We believe Haus of Scarlett is all you need for chic, fashionable and affordable clothing. As with any online e-commerce website, you will have the ability to view all of our products, and add the ones you want to purchase into an 'electronic' shopping cart. At the end of all the browsing on our site, you may return back to your shopping cart, and proceed with the checkout process, which includes payment.

2. Who do I contact if I have trouble on the website?
If you are having trouble with our website, please contact us immediately in one of either two ways. Either email us at info@haus-of-scarlett.com or complete the short enquiry form, which is located on our Contact Us page.

3. I am interested in an item that is sold out. What do I do?
If you are interested in an item, like a special outfit that you really had your eye on, but you missed out, we should be able to place that on pre-order for you, and have it shortly. At Haus of Scarlett we are always expecting shipments of the latest fashion items, so that special outfit could only be a short wait away. Definitely worth placing a pre-order, or making that enquiry with us.. Just saying!

4. I submitted an email/enquiry, when will I hear back?
If you have submitted an email or an enquiry form, that is great, and we look forward to reading it. We always do our best to get back to our customers as early as possible. The quickest time to return your email could be immediately, where the longest time could be up to 1 business day.

5. Can I get gift wrapping on my items?
If you are ordering an item off the Haus of Scarlett website, and you would like to have it gift wrapped for that special someone, please do let us know! You may either email us at info@haus-of-scarlett.com or you may submit a little message to us, as you proceed with your checkout process of your order. Please note gift wrapping does come with an extra small fee, depending on the requirements and the size of the items.


My Haus of Scarlett Account

1. Do I need to create an account?
To use the Haus of Scarlett website, you don’t need to have an Account. You are able to browse our website and admire our vast selection. You are also able to purchase off our website and not make an Account. However creating an Account gives you a lot more power, and the ability to log in, check status’s of an order or orders, message us through the system about particular orders, add clothing to Wish Lists to be viewed again later, and even follow up on return requests. So do you need to create an Account?..why not? The benefits are all there.

2. How do I create an Account?
There are two ways to create an Account. Either by selecting the Create an Account button at the top of the website, at any time, or if you are about to purchase, the system will ask you if you have an Account or want to create an Account just after you hit the Proceed to Checkout button, in your shopping cart.

3. I forgot my password, what do I do?
If you forgot your password, please click either the My Account button or the Sign In button at the top of the page, and this will take you to a login screen. You will see a link that says Forgot your password, which you will be able to press, and enter your email address on the next screen. Haus of Scarlett will automatically email you a link that will take you to another page, where you will get to choose a new password. Please keep this safe somewhere, unless you like to go through this process again.

4. Can I change my contact details in the system?
Yes you can, and this is very easy to do. To do this, click on the My Account button at the top of the page, and then click Your Account Details on the next page, and then you can update your details.

5. How do I send messages in the system?
To send a message in the system, go to My Account at the top of the page, then once inside your Account, click on view messages. You will then have the option to send a message to us, or read previous messages between Haus of Scarlett.

6. What is a Wish List?
A Wish List is a place where you can save all of your favourite Haus of Scarlett items. Here you are able to create new Wish Lists and name them whatever you want, and save as many items you want. You can even create as many Wish Lists as you want. The really cool thing about the Haus of Scarlett Wish List is that once you have made one, you are able to share that with your ALL your friends, with the special Wish List link that the system will give you. Your friends do not even have to have a Haus of Scarlett Account to view your Wish List.



1. Are my details secure? Am I in a secure page?
We take customer privacy and security of their information very seriously.  When you use our checkout system, you will notice that a “small padlock” appears in your browser window and also the web page address start with “https://”. This shows you are entering a secured page where your data will be encrypted by a SSL security certificate provided by Go Daddy, one of the largest providers of security certificates in the world at the moment.  People that try to intercept the data will only see numbers and words in unreadable format.

2. How can Haus of Scarlett convince me that they have a secure website?
We take customer privacy and security of their information very seriously. We take the following steps to help make our website secure:

  • We use up to 256-bit Secure Socket Layer encryption (SSL certificate) purchased from Go Daddy, for our checkout system. This ensures your data is encrypted and safe.
  • We also have a Malware scanner with our SSL certificate, which ensures that we do not have any malicious links on out site
  • We do not and will never store any information about your credit card details in our system

Also on the bottom of every page is a Go Daddy Site Seal, to say that our website is Verified and Secured. GO ahead and clich the seal and read the page that pops up for more information.

For even more information please click this link to go to Go Daddy FAQs to find out more about our SSL certificate.

3. What information is kept by Haus of Scarlett?
We only take information that is necessary for us to complete a transaction with you.  This will mean taking some personal information such as your full name, billing/shipping address, phone number and email address.  Other information that is kept will be that which you provide to us during our interaction through email which will be strictly kept in privacy. This will only be used if the information provided by you is a suggestion to us for improvement of our system, or a suggestion of a product for us to sell.  We do not and will never store any information about your credit card details in our system.  For more information, you can check our Privacy Policy.

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